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Die Bonding



Fully Auto ± 0.3µm



Ultra-Precision Die & Flip Chip Bonder

  • Supports ±0.3µm @ 3s placement accuracy

  • Supports all die attach and flip chip applications including all AFCPlus capabilities

  • Higher resolution alignment optics

  • Active vibration damping system

  • Automatic placement offset tuning system

  • High resolution 300mm bonding station

  • Dynamic alignment system

  • Quantitative parallelism calibration



  • Single Mode/SiPhotonics/PIC AOC/WLP

  • Optical Device Packaging

  • Direct Bond Interconnect

Fully Auto ± 1µm



Sub-Micron Die & Flip Chip Bonder

  • ​Accuracy down to ±1µm @ 3s with cycle-times down to 25 sec AuSn eutectic process

  • Eutectic laser soldering or epoxy bonding

  • Small die size down to 100µm

  • Closed loop bond force control

  • Optional: flip chip bonding, wafer mapping, post bond inspection, heated tools, etc.


  • AOC/VCSEL/Multi Mode/Lidar

  • Laser Bar and MEMS assembly

  • Semiconductor advanced packaging (3D, Stack Die)

Fully Auto ± 2.5µm



High-Speed Dual Head Die & Flip Chip Bonder

  • ​Accuracy down to ±2.5 µm @ 3s with cycle-times down to <3 sec AuSn eutectic process

  • Modular machine concept for all micro assembly applications

  • Eutectic laser soldering for high-speed assembly

  • Supports all dispensing technologies

  • Offering automatic tool changers



  • AOC/Optoelectronic/Photonics/LED

  • Lidar/Laser Bar and MEMS Assembly

  • Semiconductor advanced packaging (TSV, eWLB, FanOut, WLP, 3D, Stack Die)



Fully Auto > 3µm


The T-6000-L/G is an enhanced version of the proven T-6000-L series. It is a fully automated all-purpose system built on a sophisticated granite gantry and high precision motion control system.

This system can be upgraded with new loader and unloader modules. With numerous available options, it can be customized to suit all market needs.

The T-6000-L/G offers our customers the opportunity to grow from a manual manufacturing process to a fully automated process without any additional hardware changes.


The T-8000-G Die Bonder is a fully-automated all-purpose system built on a granite mainframe. Developed for a higher throughput and more accuracy, it is best fit for medium sized production.

This platform offers a large working area especially for 12“ wafer handling. Open, with a wide range of applications and numerous available options, the T-8000-G can be customized to best suit all market needs.

Fully Auto > 8µm


The T-6000-L Die Bonder is a fully-automated all-purpose system for medium sized-, pilot- and R&D production.


Equipped with linear motors and 0.1 µm resolution glass scales, this enables a movement precision of 8 µm @ 3Sigma.


A force range of 15g up to 800g, combined with the large working area of 495 x 400 mm and wafer handling up to 8“, this system offers a wide range of applications.



Semi-Auto / Manual


Budget Sensitive Manual Die Bonder

The T-4909 is a manual, high quality die bonder with superior ergonomic design. As with all of Tresky’s products, the T-4909 incorporates True Vertical Technology™ which guarantees parallelism between chip and substrate at any bond height.


The T-3002-PRO series is Tresky’s most flexible die bonding platform. The systems can run all basic functions as well as the industries most advanced applications by adding a wide range of available options.


As with all of Tresky’s products, the PRO incorporates True Vertical Technology™ which guarantees parallelism between chip and substrate at any bond height.

Together with superior ergonomics the PRO platform is the industry’s most sophisticated system in its class and with the new PC software even easier to operate. The T-3002-PRO is equipped with Tresky's die ejector system for pick-up from wafer.


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