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JetEtch Pro

The Industry-Leading Decapsulation System

The JetEtch Pro takes an integrated circuit encapsulated in mold compound and removes it using a user-specified chemical solution. The system boasts all (and more) of the same safety and operational features as the JetEtch, but with enhancements to nearly every aspect of its internal components.

JetEtch Pro CuProtect

Protecting Those Sensitive Copper Wires

Using a proprietary and patented process, the JetEtch Pro CuProtect applies a bias to the solution being pumped to the sample in the process chamber. This bias creates a condition in which negatively-charged sulfate ions are attracted and temporarily bond to the surface of the copper wire while the sample is being etched. 

JetEtch Pro TotalProtect

With an unequaled feature set, the JetEtch Pro TotalProtect can etch the widest variety of any integrated circuits of any system on the market while maintaining the integrity of sensitive internal components. It contains the same specs as the CuProtect plus sub-ambient cooling and daisy-chaining recipes.

Plasma Etch

Microwave-Induced Plasma Etching​

The PlasmaEtch decapsulation system is a revolutionary patent-pending gas-based semiconductor etching system. Employing a never-before-seen application of microwaved gases inciting chemical radicals for isotropic etching, the PlasmaEtch is the greenest and most cost-effective etching solution available.


Ceramic Dual Inline Package Opener

The CERDIP Opener from Nisene Technology Group opens hermetically-sealed ceramic dual inline packages, or CERDIPs, for failure analysis and counterfeit protection inspection.

Can Opener

The Can Opener from Nisene Technology Group is the perfect accessory to getting inside the “can”-style devices that can’t be etched by chemical means. Can-style devices use metal to encapsulate the sensitive die; they don’t use traditional plastics or other mold compounds that can be etched with chemicals. 

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