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Laser Marking

Wafer Back Side Marker
EO Technis Wafer Backside Marker

CSM2000 / 3000

The CSM series is a semiconductor chip scale wafer level marker that marks the backside of the wafer without chip damage.​

Wafer Top Side Marker

WTM200 / 300

The WTM series is a device for marking the wafer with reference die, bad die, wafer ID. Provides wafer top side marking solution that can be processed at a high speed.

Wafer ID Marker
wafer ID marker.jpg

WM080 / 012​

The WM series is a wafer ID marking system that is only available in the classroom-level cleanroom. It ensures high stability and high speed machining.

Laser Grooving & Laser Dicing


​The LMC3200G uses a DPSS laser to remove low-k and metal layers which cause yield reduction in blade saw process. Significantly improves quality and productivity of the singulation process.

Laser Debonding

Laser Debonder
lase debonding eo technics

​The Laser Debonding system uses a Nanosecond UV Laser with a Flat Top Beam Mode.

Modular System with Cleaning, Flipping and Picking Modules.

Laser Annealing (IGBTs)

Laser Annealing
Screen Shot 2020-03-08 at 10.03.42

- Thin Laser Annealing (50 - 150um range)

- No thermal damage to sensitive areas

- Green wavelength

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