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Automated Optical Inspection

  • Wafers, Modules, or Substrates 

  • 2D or 3D AOI

  • Bump/Pillar, EPI, Dicing Inspection


High Accuracy
Die Bonding

  • Manual Die Bonders

  • Semi-Automated Die Bonders

  • Fully-Automated Die Bonders

  • Flip Chip Bonders

  • Thermosonic Die Bonding

  • Thermocompression Die Bonding


System Racks

  • Test & Measurement Equipment Rack Enclosures

  • Server Cabinets

  • Colocation Cages

  • Seismic Racks

de-voiding ableprint

Pressure Curing Oven (PCO)/Autoclave

  • 2.5D and 3D Underfill Void Removal

  • NCP/CUF/DAF/FOW Curing

  • Die Attach Curing


Wafer Bump Reflow

  • Controlled, Repeatable Process

  • Single Wafer

  • High Throughput


Cryogenic Probe Cards

  • Cryogenic probe cards have all the benefits of Celadon’s Crash Resistant™ probe technology but with the ability to probe as cold as humanly possible. Celadon’s cryogenic solutions vary from standard VersaTile™ footprints which interface to positioners to innovate custom PCB based designs to allow for flexibility when testing at these very cold temperatures.

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