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Plasma Cleaning

Plasma Cleaning

  • Plasma Cleaning

  • Plasma Descum

  • Adhesion Improvement


Die Bonding

  • Manual Die Bonders

  • Semi-Automated Die Bonders

  • Fully-Automated Die Bonders

  • Flip Chip Bonders

  • Thermosonic Die Bonding

  • Thermocompression Die Bonding


Wire Bonding

  • Manual, Semi-Auto and Fully-Automated Wire Bonders

  • Ball or Wedge Bonding

  • Fine or Heavy Wire Bonding

Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 11.06.05

Bond Testing

  • Die Shear, Wire Pull, Adhesion, Ball Pull, etc.

  • Revolving Measurement Unit

  • Automation

wire bonding pink


  • Fluxless solder reflow

  • Flux based reflow

  • Batch and In-line Reflow Systems

pink sintering


  • Up to 200t Pressure

  • Controlled atmosphere

  • Up to 350C

  • Modular System

  • Direct to Copper Sintering

de-voiding ableprint

Pressure Curing Oven (PCO)/Autoclave

  • 2.5D and 3D Underfill Void Removal

  • NCP/CUF/DAF/FOW Curing

  • Die Attach Curing

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 5.14.09 PM.png


  • Laser or Saw Dicing

  • Up to 12"

  • Wafers, Packages or Materials



  • High Speed or High Flexibility Die Sorting

  • From Wafer Frame, Waffle or Gel Packs

  • To Wafer Frame, Waffle or Gel Packs, Tape & Reel or Bulk


Automated Optical Inspection

  • Wafers, Modules, or Substrates 

  • 2D or 3D AOI

  • Bump/Pillar, EPI, Dicing Inspection


Ultrasonic Welding

  • High quality metallic connections

  • Excellent electrical properties in the connection area, as a result of low thermal stress of the workpieces

  • Power Modules

  • Manual, Semi-Auto, Fully-Auto

  • Soldering Fixtures

  • Base Plates, Coolers, Pin Fin, Spacers

  • Heat Sinks

  • Components for Diodes/Thyristors

Aluminum Graphite Fixtures/Base Plates

PPI RapiTrim-C.png

Laser Trimming and Test Systems

  • Thick and Thin Film Trimming

  • Unique, proprietary flying probe technology

  • High Reliability Fiber Laser or DPSSL

Nanotest TIFAS IR.jpg

Bond Analysis

  • Thermal Imaging based Non-Destructive Bond Analysis

  • Detection of Voids, Cracks, Delamination, Inclusions, and Foreign Objects

Resistance Welders

  • Inverter, Transistor and DC Welding Power Supplies

  • Opposed, Series, Indirect and Parallel Gap Welding Heads

  • Monitoring for Current, Voltage, Pressure and Displacement

Ultrasonic Welding
Laser Trimming

Seam Sealers

  • Manual, Semi-Auto and Fully-Automated Systems

  • N2, Vacuum or Atmosphere

  • Tack Weld, Seam Seal, Twin Head, Cap Sealer


Pulse Heaters

  • Welding Controllers to Target Temperature and Heating Time

  • Pressure Heads with Custom Heater Tips/Tools

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