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Model 6000

Fully Automated, Frontside or Backside Mask Aligner for All Production Applications

  • Fully automated with sub-micron resolution that delivers unmatched performance at any price

  • Aligners have Advanced Beam Optics with better than ±3% uniformity and a throughput of 180 wafers per hour in first mask mode, resulting in higher yields

  • Handles wide variety of wafers from thick and bonded substrates (up to 7000 microns), warped wafers (up to 7 mm-10mm), thin substrates (down to 100 micron thick), and thick photo resist

Model 800E
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Enhanced Mask Aligner for All Applications

The new OAI Model 800E front and backside, semi-automatic mask aligner system offers advanced features found most often in costly automated production mask aligners. It is an enhanced, high-performance, high-resolution lithography system that delivers a level of performance that is offered at an extremely compelling price point. The aligner system features OAI’s Advanced Beam Optics which delivers exceptional uniformity.

Heading 6
Model 212 (Tabletop)

Economical Tabletop Mask Aligner System for 300mm or 12"x12" Substrates

In response to industry demands for a low cost R&D mask aligner for developing larger substrates, OAI has developed the new Model 212 Table Top Mask Aligner System. The new system is based on OAI's proven modular approach leveraging their extensive experience with the Model 200, tabletop mask aligner. The Model 212 is especially useful for research and development labs.

Model 200 & 200IR

Bench Top Front and IR Backside Mask Aligners

  • Accurate alignments to 1 micron

  • Up to 9" x 9" Mask

  • Accommodates a wide variety of substrates and masks

  • Backside mask alignment of IR transparent wafers with up to 3-5 micron accuracy

  • Highly collimated, uniform UV light (up to 8" square)

  • Quickly change the UV light wavelength

  • Exposure controlled intensity to +/-2%

  • Can be configured as Nano Imprint tool

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