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Ableprint Pressure Curing Ovens (PCO) are used to eliminate voids in die attach and underfill applications.

While Ableprint's VFS Pressure Curing Ovens are used for de-voiding in materials such as DAF, DAP, UF, NCP, and NCF, the unique design of the VTS is dedicated to supporting Fine Pitch and Low Chip Gap applications common in 3DIC and 2.5D applications.


  • Underfill Curing

  • Die Attach Curing

  • Wafer Lamination

  • Via Filling

  • Thermocompression Bonding

  • Composite Forming


  • Flip Chip CUF



  • Polyimide

  • Sintering Paste

  • Solder/Copper Paste

  • TIM Preform


  • 2.5D/3D


  • POP

  • WLP

  • MEMs

  • CIS

  • Memory

  • LED


Void Free System pressur curing oven by AblePrint Tecnoloy

Pressure Curing Oven (PCO) eliminates voids in DAF (Die Attach Film), TIM (Thermal Interface Material), RCBGA, and CUF (Capillary Underfill).

AFM-980 for R&D

Pressure Curing Oven (PCO) for R&D.

System can be fitted with capabilities of either the VFS or VTS but, with a smaller capacity.

  • Capacity: 1 Magazine or Wafer Carrier

Void Terminator System pressre curing over AblePrint Technologies

Enhanced Pressure Curing Oven (PCO) that eliminates voids in underfill for Fine Pitch CUF, 3DIC, 2.5D, DAP, DAF, NCF, NCP and CUF (Capillary Underfill).

VTS with Automation
Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 7.35.17 PM.png

VTAS-W is a Pressure Curing Oven (PCO) with FOUP load for 2.5D, 3D, WLP and PLP

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