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Lift Off

S-Cubed Scene 8


Scene 8

Lift Off Resist (LOR) Processing Overview
  • The S-Cubed Scene 8 is a Lift Off Resist (LOR) processor designed to perform both LOR and Photoresist Patterning processes automatically and sequentially

  • Two methods of lift off processing available depending on customer requirements:

    1. “Soak” the wafers to be “lifted off” in hot (approximately 70C) NMP. The treated wafers are then placed on a “pin” type chuck and “blasted” with high pressure NMP followed by an IPA rinse followed by DIW spin rinse and dry

    2. Simply blast the wafer surface with high pressure acetone and use a recycling system to recover the spent acetone with the final acetone rinse being the means by which the recycling material is refreshed


Leonardo LO Series

Dry Metal Lift Off
  • New method to lift off metal with adhesive tape from wafer

  • Leonardo 200 Features:

    • Wafer size: 150 - 200 mm

    • Allows customer to choose solvent free process

    • Even using solvent there is no need to destroy metal layer to reach photoresist

    • Easier and more environmental friendly method to recycle precious metal waster



Microcontrol Leonardo LO Series
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