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Resistance Welding Power Supplies

High Reliability Inverter Welder
Large Capacity
  • High capacity, max current 32000A

  • Long welding time of max 5 secs, 127 step arbitrary waveform

  • Pulsation mode suitable for fusing

Inverter Welding
Suitable for Automation
  • Suitable for Automated Machines

  • Free selective frequency

  • 127 Step Freestyle Welding Profile

Inverter Welder
High Productivity
  • High Speed, High Quality and Reliable Precision

  • Color LCD

Inverter Welder
Stable and Reliable
  • Stable and Reliable

  • Color LCD

Transistor Welder
Precise Welding
  • Suitable for precise welding of superfine wires and micro components

Capacitor  (DC) Type
Battery Tabs
  • Dual Pulse Function minimizes welding spark and improves welding quality


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