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High Speed
Test Handlers

Test Handlers with JEDEC Tray or Bowl Inputs and JEDEC Tray, Tape & Reel or Bulk Outputs

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High Speed

Test Handlers

Test Handlers with a variety of Inputs, Outputs, Inspection, Laser Marking, etc. Design it how you require it.


Automation provider which offers a wide selection of turnkey test solutions for Discrete & IC, MEMS and Power Devices.  Solutions range from gravity, turret to linear pick & place.

  • Wide range of integrated test handler platform suitable for different user requirements

  • Capable to perform different types of testing methodology

  • Flexible platform to accommodate different input and output media

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Skills & Know-Hows:

1. Material Handling (Pick & Place)

2. Part Assembly (Screw Driving, Liquid Dispensing, etc.)

3. 360 Deg Vision Inspection

4. Force Alignment Insert

5. Linear Tracing

6. Automated Board Inspection

7. Auto-Screwing w/Feed

8. Conveyer Tracking

9. Palletizing

10. Packaging

Robots and Automation that can be Integrated: 

1. SCARA Robot

2. 6-Axis Robot

3. Collaborative Robot

4. Cartesian Robot

5. Delta Robot

6. Wafer Handlers

7. JEDEC/Waffle Pack Tray Loaders

8. Bowl Feeders

9. Tape & Reel 

10. Rotary Systems




MEMS & SMART Sensor Test Handlers

Structured Light 3D Sensor
Test Handler

Designed to solve the complex test of projector light while addressing the human eye safety concerns. 

Flexi Configuration Test Handler

Offers dual configurations for both input and output which can accommodate both lead and leadless packages.

Optical Lens Test Handler

Offers a full turnkey solution that performs a wide spectrum of tests onto Optics/DOE Lens.

Heading 6
Time of Flight 3D Sensor Handler

Offers full turnkey solution to test TOF 3D sensors, solving the challenges encountered after the sensors are produced.

Wafer-Level VCSEL/LED Burn-In Handler

Designed to test probe and burn-in packages. Capable of testing up to 7,200 DUTs in one pass with controlled temperature up to 135°C.

Spectrum Sensor Test Handler

Designed to simulate real life tests onto Spectrum Sensors in both electrical and optical characteristics.

Ambient Light Sensor Calibration & Test Handler

Tunable light source use in this handler is capable of providing uniform light from 300nm to 1100nm at 2nm steps or smaller for calibration.

MEMS Microphone Test Handler

Features wafer input, electrical / functional test, 6-sided vision inspection, sorting and tape & reel specifically designed for MEMs microphone.

Proximity Sensor Test Handler

Tests performance of proximity sensors using Advanced Optical Chambers which are configurable for distances from 0mm to 50mm

MEMS Motion Sensor Test Handler

This motion sensor tester is capable of running high parallel tests up to 72 sites and offers soft handling capability.


Vision Inspection Handlers

PM35/PM35IP Tube to Tube Integrated Vision Handler

High speed turret handler for test and inspection of thin devices. Accommodates for tube input to tube output with auto sorting capability.

PM3590TT Tray to Tray Integrated Vision Handler

 This turret base vision inspection handler accommodates for JEDEC tray input to JEDEC tray output with auto sorting capability.

PM36VI Bowl to Bucket Integrated Vision Handler

A top performer featuring low initial investment, state-of-the-art vision inspection capabilities, quick set up and high throughput.

PM42ST/DT Reel to Reel Vision Inspection Handler

Designed to fully automate post seal vision inspection of reel to reel output. Provides fast & consistent output with high inspection accuracy.

Vision Integration - Genesis

Genesis brings exceptional simplicity and flexibility to inspection applications across all manufacturing industries.


Power Module Test Handler

Power Module Test Handler

Provides capability of high voltage/current testing. Targets on power device such as IPM and IGBT. 




LED Burn-In Test

LED Test & Burn-In Handler

Used to perform burn-in tests on certain types of LED products under a high temperature and current to select and phase out items of early mortality

LED Burn-In Over System

Used to perform burn-in tests under high humidity, temperature and current, to monitor product performance reliability.

Constant Current Rack/Module
  • Configurable constant current source to individual DUT

  • Continuous mode: 100mA - 1500mA max


LED Handler / Sorter


A new gravity feed handler capable of orientation inspection, marking, dim and open/short test together with full features and functions.


This new LED sorter machine features pick and place process from Mylar ring frame to test nest and more.


This new rotary turret test, 64/128 bins handler processes a wide spectrum of packages and features dynamic binning and  soft handling.


This LED taper is an individual tape & reel machine for the LED's package.


Sensor Test Solutions

VCSEL Burn-In Test

Performs burn-in tests on LEDs and wafers under a high temperature, humidity or voltage, to find early defects.

Sensors Test

Tray to Tray Handler fully customizable to test Structured 3D Light Sensors, Proximity, Time of Flight, Ambient Light, etc.

Time of Flight 3D Sensor Test

TOF 3D Sensor Tester offers a full turnkey solution to test quality & performance.

Spectrum Sensor Test

Electrical & Optical Characteristics.

It will measure & analyze the sensor's light output response to different reflective surfaces.

Image Sensor Test

Turn-Key Camera Module Test Solution.

Electrical, Sensor and Optics Test.

Endoscope Test

Optical imaging tests in incomplete or finished endoscopes.

Micro Lens Array Test

Queen-QCL IQC Lens Tester is designed to test the optical characteristics of optical lens

Diffractive Optical Element

Tests the imaging characteristics of Diffractive Optical Element. Light pattern is captured and analyzed.

Proximity Sensor Test

Using Advanced Optical Chambers the system can test distances from 0 to 50mm and Tri-Temp


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