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AARTS Product Line


Designed to stress devices with RF, DC, and thermal stimulus. Stimulates each DUT with:​

  • Independent RF drive level for each DUT

  • Frequency ranges to 77GHz and RF input up to 50W


Designed to maximize channel density. Stimulates each DUT with:​

  • Two independent bias sources (up to 100V, 4A at 200W max)

  • Bias can be constant voltage or constant current sources

Power Device Reliability Systems

Capable of measuring device reliability under a variety of conditions for switching power applications up to 1kV (off) and 25A (on) at rates up to 1-MHz switching frequency, dependent on voltage.

mm-Wave Reliability Systems

mm-Wave AARTS Systems

The millimeter-wave Automated Accelerated Reliability Test Systems (AARTS) and fixture solutions are available in standard frequency ranges from 26.5 to 67 GHz.



RF-Biased HTOL

RF-Biased HTOL

Turnkey system that incorporates all of the capability needed for accelerated aging and parametric testing of RF semiconductor devices. Its powerful software elegantly supports data acquisition, storage, and presentation.



RF/Microwave Test Fixtures

Quantum SMART

The NEW Quantum SMART Fixture is a programmable self-contained DC bias and RF stimulus control module capable of synchronizing sequenced independent pulsed-bias and pulsed-RF signals to a DUT or remote fixture.

Standard RF Fixture

Supports both pulsed and non-pulsed operation and employs SMA input/output connections. For RF output powers over 10W, an N-type connector may be used to replace the SMA connector because of its power-handling capability.

Millimeter-Wave Fixture

Designed for operation at very high-frequencies. A variety of models cover 20GHz to 94GHz. Waveguide input is converted to a planar (microstrip) waveguide inner area.

Dual-Device DC Fixture

The dual-device DC fixtures work with systems that provide DC and thermal stimulus only to the device. There are no RF signals available. This option provides the most channel density of any fixture.

Multi-Function Fixture

The Multi-Function fixture offers the ability to route multiple RF and DC channels into one device. Hence, MMICs and other module-like devices that require more than just two power supplies may be tested.

RF-Ready DC Fixture

The RF-Ready DC fixture provides space for mounting RF input and output matching circuits. Hence, it is possible to tune up the assembly at a remote test station, such as a network analyzer, to peak performance and then run the life test with DC stimulus. 

Benchtop Test Platforms

Characterization Platform

This standalone integral software and hardware platform is capable of functioning as an independent single-channel or virtual multi-channel characterization test subsystem. 

This integrated software and hardware platform is capable of functioning as an independent 12-channel or virtual multi-channel characterization test subsystem.


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